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Struggling to Get Ahead Financially?

From depleted savings, racked up debt and ruined credit score, I discovered the secrets to mastering money. Join me to learn how to boost your income without extra effort, save smartly while enjoying life, and invest wisely for a secure future.

I turned my financial mess into a success story—now it's your turn.

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Our Clients Say

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"Gina is literally an angel. I love how she makes budgeting or investing money so simplified, clear and straight to the point - no BS. I love structure, I love evidence, and I love clarity - she provides all of that. investing with her will definitely be one of the things I will be proud of myself for doing in my early 20s. highly recommend"

Gurjot Bansi

Imagine this...

You're working hard every day, putting in long hours, and yet, your bank account doesn't reflect your effort. You're constantly stressed about bills, unable to save for the future, and any unexpected expense throws your budget into chaos. You want to enjoy life, travel, dine out, and pursue your hobbies, but financial constraints keep holding you back.

I was in the same situation—drowning in debt, feeling trapped, and clueless about how to break free. But then, I learned the secrets of financial management that changed my life. By understanding how money works, I went from paycheck-to-paycheck living to financial independence. Now, I’m here to guide you on the same path.

Meet your mentor

Gina Judge

My name is Gina Judge and I am the owner and founder of The Millennial Money Guide (MMG) — a financial literacy company inspiring women to take control of their finances. With a steadfast belief that a woman's future should be self determined, my team and I are dedicated to helping women foster financial autonomy.

I’ve made it my mission to help you become the best version of yourself. Building a healthy financial life won’t happen overnight. With my knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking, I've helped thousands improve their economic well-being while achieving their goals. Money gives you choices, but ONLY when managed effectively.

Let me guide you on a path to financial success!


Check out these reviews

Meet Bandeep

she went through my coaching program where we focused on a number of areas such as: budgeting, improving her credit score, building an emergency savings, paying off debt, and investing.

Meet Saruga

Saruga has worked with me consistently for 7 months, in this time frame she has successfully created and stuck to a budget, established an emergency savings, built and maintained an excellent credit score, and started investing (on her OWN). Saruga's goal is to complete her masters program and purchase an investment property within the next 5 years, working alongside me shes built a financial plan that supports her life goals.

Do you ever feel...

Overwhelmed by Debt? Like no matter how hard you work, the debt just keeps piling up, and you can't seem to catch a break?

Stressed About Bills? That constant worry about whether you'll have enough to cover your monthly expenses, with no room for unexpected costs?

Trapped in a Financial Rut? Working tirelessly but never seeing your bank balance grow, leaving you feeling stuck and hopeless?

Unable to Save? Wanting to put money aside for the future but finding it impossible to save anything after covering your basic needs?

Afraid to Invest? Curious about investing but too scared of making mistakes and losing the little money you have?

Imagine if...

You Could Be Debt-Free: Imagine a life where debt is a thing of the past, and you're free to use your money to build your future instead of paying off the past.

Bills Were No Longer a Burden: Picture paying your bills on time, every time, with money to spare, and never stressing about an unexpected expense again.

You Saw Real Growth in Your Finances: Envision a scenario where your hard work translates to visible growth in your savings and investments, bringing you closer to your financial goals.

Saving Became Effortless: Think about easily putting money aside each month, watching your savings grow, and feeling secure about your financial future.

Investing with Confidence: Imagine having the knowledge and confidence to invest wisely, making your money work for you and growing your wealth steadily.

Join my mentorship program and take the first step toward transforming your financial life. Together, we can make these dreams a reality, giving you the financial freedom and peace of mind you deserve. Sign up for a free consultation today!

Client wins

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Many of Gina’s clients make $5000 back within 6 months of applying what she’s taught them. Between finding ways to save money, make more money, and investing strategically her clients have 3xed their initial investment ($15k) after a year of applying her tips.

Session 1


  • Assess your income to expense ratios and provide insights on whether these ratios are healthy

  • Create a budget personalized to your goals

  • Set goals based on your cashflow e.g., investing for a down payment, saving for retirement, debt management, unlimited vacations, saving for child’s education etc.

  • Initial credit analysis

  • Create a financial plan

Session 2


  • Discuss your financial behaviours and create a millionaire money routine

  • Open sinking funds with your financial institution

  • Receive a complimentary session with a CPA

  • Automate saving for the things that matter e.g., unlimited vacations, car maintenance, self care, gifts, taxes, clothing etc.

  • Receive a sinking fund tracker that'll help you stay organised for the rest of your life!

Session 3


  • Effectively set up a smart calendar

  • Set milestones, alerts and tasks

  • Gina teaches you how to use Notion, one of the most powerful platforms for planning and organising.

  • Use Notion to set goals

  • Learn how to read your credit bureau, how to build an excellent score, and save over $50k in your life time with your score. Gina teaches you how to negotiate interest rates with lenders.

  • ⁠Time Blocking 101: How a schedule brings freedom and flexibility

Session 4


  • Enrolled into virtual course on investing, upon completing course we debrief on learnings

  • Build a personalized investment plan based on your goals

  • Tax-sheltered accounts you need to take advantage of (TFSA, FHSA, RRSP, RESP, IRA, 401k, ISA)

  • Gina reviews 3 investment vehicles based on your goals e.g., an ETF, a stock, a MIC/REIT

  • You receive a customized retirement plan, by the end of this session you'll know exactly how much you need saved by retirement. You'll know how much to set aside each month and what to invest it in.

Session 5


  • Recalibrate your budget as per your income/expenses (revisited)

  • ⁠Calculate your net worth

  • Create plan to increase net worth each year

  • Discuss how you'll earn passive streams of income

  • Discuss leveraging (using good debt to buy assets that appreciate in value or provide income)

  • Analyse your insurance coverage e.g., are you and your family protected?

Session 6

Session 7


  • ⁠A personalised plan to qualify for a mortgage based on your income, debt, and current savings

  • ⁠Gina teaches you how what investment vehicles you should use to grow your down payment

  • Discuss pre-build investing pros/cons

  • Discuss leveraging and using equity to build a real estate portfolio

  • How real estate can support your retirement plan


  • ⁠Create a business plan to launch / scale your business

  • Gina builds a social media marketing strategy with you

  • Receive a free copy of Gina's Social Media e-Book

  • Learn how to create and advertise your lead magnet

  • Build an operating budget for your business

  • Learn how to increase your businesses cashflow

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