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Overlooked Money Management Tips: A Free Masterclass for Women to Achieve 

financial freedom

The 6 steps I implemented to take control over my finances and retire a millionaire 


Build Your Wealth.
Win With Your Money

Join us in this free masterclass to learn the secrets of investing money that the wealthy don't want you to know 


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module 1


Discover the art of crafting a personalized budget that aligns with your goals and priorities.


Learn how to track expenses, make informed spending decisions, and allocate resources efficiently, empowering you to live within your means while working towards your aspirations with confidence.

module 2

Managing Debt

Learn how to differentiate between good and bad debt, devise effective debt repayment strategies, and prevent debt from becoming a burden.


Acquire the knowledge to make informed decisions about borrowing and leverage debt as a tool for achieving your long-term financial goals.

module 3

Credit Score 101

Learn how to save $50k+ in your lifetime by building an excellent credit score


Gain insights into navigating credit reports, managing debts responsibly, and leveraging a strong credit foundation to unlock better financial opportunities and secure your future financial endeavors.

module 4

Emergency Savings

Gain a deeper understanding of why emergency savings are essential for achieving financial stability and peace of mind.

Learn how having a dedicated fund can protect you from the financial fallout of unforeseen events such as medical emergencies, job loss, or car repairs.

module 5


Learn how to make informed investment decisions that align with your financial goals, whether you're a novice looking to start your investment journey or seeking to refine your existing investment approach.

module 6

Real Estate & Insurance

Gain insights into identifying lucrative opportunities and maximizing returns in the real estate market. 

And explore the key principles of disability insurance.


Presented by Gina,
Founder & CEO of The MMG

As the visionary force behind The MMG, I empower women to stride confidently towards their financial aspirations. My mission revolves around equipping women with the tools and knowledge to chart their own paths to independence through financial education.

The approach taken by The MMG is holistic and comprehensive, covering a spectrum of essential topics including budgeting, adept debt management, credit cultivation, investment strategies, insurance know-how, mortgage eligibility, and beyond. This well-rounded education is perceived as the cornerstone enabling individuals to embrace a life enriched with financial abundance and countless prospects.

Nita D.

"Gina’s masterclass was great and I’m so glad I decided to partake in it. Financial literacy is a topic that nobody really teaches you about but is so important to know. Gina had a way in explaining things so everyone could understand it from properly budgeting to debt management and the importance of insurance. She pointed out a lot of great tips and errors many people make which can cost you. This seminar was a great introduction and way to get me thinking about where my money is going, how to be smarter about where it goes and being realistic about my goals. I would definitely do another course with her. Thanks!"

Our Happy Clients

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Discover the secrets to becoming a financially free woman that the wealthy don't want you to know. 

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